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My name is Thom Fairclough, I am 52 years old and live in Lancashire. I hold a Bachelor's Degree with honours (Philosophy/Ethics), a Master of Science Degree (MSc.) in Medical Health Science (Psychotherapy Studies), an Advanced Counselling Diploma, Full Accredited Training in EMDR Psychotherapy, a university Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other qualifications/training in Clinical Supervision, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Relationship Therapy, amongst other qualifications related to Continuing Professional development. I have also successfully completed the BACP's rigorous accreditation process and therefore am a Registered and Accredited Member. I am also on the BACP Register of Proficiency which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. As part of my continuing professional development I am also currently in advanced training as a Gestalt psychotherapist.


I have worked therapeutically for a local Primary Care Trust and a North West based Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre. I take referrals privately, from GP's and other health professionals.


I am a qualified, registered, accredited and experienced counsellor/psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor of other therapists' work. I have studied and trained in several different therapeutic techniques in order to help people resolve their problems or to simply find more focus and/or meaning in their lives and I, at this stage of my career identify as being a 'Relational Integrative Psychotherapist with a strong leaning towards Gestalt'. I do favour working in particular ways and have particular interests in Existential Psychotherapy & Gestalt Psychotherapy and am committed to ongoing professional development of which nowadays is solely in Gestalt Psychotherapy. I have been in Gestalt Clinical Supervision for the last 14 years. I am also in regular Gestalt personal therapy myself, so I know what it is like to be sat in the Clients' chair!


There is no 'better' or 'worse' regarding counselling and/or psychotherapy however it is generally considered that a psychotherapist has undergone more intensive training and has had substantial therapy themselves so they will have an understanding of the therapeutic process from both a professional and personal perspective. This is only an overview and of course there are some excellent counsellors and some poor psychotherapists.   'Accredited' therapists have successfully undergone an accreditation procedure by their governing body, where their qualifications and experience have been checked and they have shown evidence of their sound, knowledgeable and ethical practice by submitting substantial case-work and references from Clinical Supervisors as to the practitioner's efficacy, competence and personal and professional integrity.


I run an established and successful, private practice based in my office in Preston in which I enjoy an informal and relaxed setting away from a clinical atmosphere. I have an appreciation of the 'great outdoors' and get out there as often as possible in all weathers and offer some 'walk & talk' style therapy sessions as well as online sessions! I play the piano, enjoy songwriting and recording. I like gardening, horse-riding, dressage, walking, reading and on good days I like pilates/yoga, skiing & studying (on other days, I like to lounge around and eat good food!).  I was born in Lancashire and am proud to be from this beautiful part of the world. Part of my family are English and part are Norwegian. I do speak some Norwegian and I continue to learn!