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Here you will find feed back from people I have worked with. Please take a read through and contact me if you have any questions.


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Thank you for your valuable feedback!

By balancedlifestyles, Jan 13 2019 09:02PM

It doesn't seem appropriate to write such a small note to thank you for how you've helped me. You supported me when I needed it and encouraged and challenged me when I needed that too (although I wasn't always so sure at the time).

I have had counselling before with varying success but none has affected me in the way that this has. Thom came recommended to me and it has been life changing and not in a way I could have ever anticipated. It's not been easy and it's not been quick but I'm so glad that I came when I did.

Thank you for bearing with me when even I had given up on myself. Just thank you Thom

By balancedlifestyles, Jun 28 2018 09:59PM

Thank you Thom for your patience, kindness and honesty in what was a very difficult time for me. You suggested EMDR as a way to deal with some childhood traumas and that's what we did. You have turned my life around. I can't say it was easy because it wasn't, but you reassured me when I needed it and challenged me in equal measure and it was definitely worth it. Thank you so much!

By balancedlifestyles, May 21 2018 08:51AM

Thank you for a wonderful journey. You have created such a warm, containing and safe space, from where I’ve been able to reflect on life, relationships and meaning. I have really enjoyed and appreciated our time together. Through our work I’ve discovered: where there is love & connection, there is meaning. But also, where there is love & connection, there is disappointment. To embrace love & life, is to also embrace pain & disappointment. You can’t have the one without the other.

Thank you again for all your help.

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